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  • Subscribers may obtain technical support by visiting the PQSoft Forum or contacting Electrotek for assistance at 1-865-470-9222.  You may also send a message to pqsoft@electrotek.com.

Technical Reference

  • The reference page includes an archive of case studies, sample data files (PSCAD/EMTP/SuperHarm), seminar and workshop presentations, newsletters, and technical papers dealing with power quality and distribution system modeling and analysis issues.  Please click here to view the reference page...

File Search/Download

  • The PQSoft file library is a collection of EMTP, SuperHarm, and HarmFlo+ data files, modules, and presentations. The files have been indexed using the Verity search engine. Usage instructions are included on the search page. There are nearly 1200 files in the index.  Please click here to search the file library...


  • The PQSoft Forum is a place to trade ideas, pose questions, or to share your thoughts with other subscribers. The forum is an electronic database system that allows users to carry on a discussion over a period of time on a variety of topics. The system is based on the concept of a thread of conversation on a particular topic.   Please click here to enter the forum...
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