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SuperHarm Version 4.3 Release


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  • It is recommended before reinstalling any software, that you remove old SuperHarm software from your computer.

Version 4.3 Program Installation

  • Download SuperHarm.exe (4.2 MB) | View the Release Notes
       1. Download SuperHarm.exe to a temporary folder
       2. Run SuperHarm.exe
       3. Complete the setup process
       4. Start SuperHarm using Start > Programs > Simulation Tools > SuperHarm

    The popup dialog during the trial period has two buttons "Register..." and "Continue". To obtain the reference code click "Register..", copy the code into an email, and then click "Cancel" to go on with a trial license until you receive your license key from Electrotek.

    To obtain the license key, email the reference code to

    For network license administration, you will need to download and install the License Utilities on both the license server and each client workstation. These utilities also allow you to enter a new license key after you have entered one for the first time. Refer to the SuperHarm on-line help, the SuperHarm manual, or the email instructions with your network license key for more details.

Version 4.3 Manual

Helper Files

  • Download 401comupd.exe (428k)
    If you receive a message to update this library during the SuperHarm installation.
    Download 401comupd.exe to a temporary folder.
    Run 401comupd.exe.

Solver Benchmarking (Optional)

This update to SuperHarm includes benchmarking of the solver as well as user interface testing using the Electrotek Software Quality System:

Reporting a Software Bug

Please report any bugs that you find to pqsoft@electrotek.com via e-mail. Please note that Electrotek utilizes a software bug tracking program that requires the following information for an entry:

  • Product
  • Module (if applicable)
  • Version
  • Submitter
  • Date & Time
  • Synopsis
  • Detailed Description
  • Comments

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