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PSCAD Sample Cases

General Information:

  • PSCAD/EMTDC Topic in the PQSoft Forum
  • Download TOP, The Output Processor
  • To view PSCAD/EMTDC output with TOP:
       -change the "Save channels to disk" option in the Project Settings to "Yes"
       -select an output file name (e.g., lab1.out)
       -after the case has completed, open the file (e.g., lab1.inf) in the case folder
        (e.g., lab1.emt) using TOP (with the EMTDC/PSCAD V3&V4 file type selected)

Electrotek's PSCAD Custom Component Library:

Transmission & Distribution Case Studies:

Capacitor Applications:

Power Quality Case Studies:

Harmonic Analysis Case Studies:

Voltage Sag Analysis Case Studies:

Power Electronics Applications:

EMTP Workbook Cases:

EMTP Modeling Tutorial (EMTP Labbook):

  • Lab Case #2 - Transmission Line Energizing - Simple PI Model:

  • Lab Case #3 - Transmission Line Energizing - Frequency Dependent Line Model:

  • Lab Case #5 - Induction Motor Starting:

  • Lab Case #6 - Power Quality Analysis - Adjustable-Speed Drive Transients:

  • Lab Case #8 - Induction Motor Starting - RMS Meter:

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