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FerroView Version 2.0


  • The following files are protected by Copyright. Only registered users of FerroView and subscribers of the PQSoft service are granted permission to download these files. This server records the network address and other information provided by your browser for tracking of access to these files.

Version 2.0 - Program Download and Installation

  • FeV20PQs.exe (2.4 MB) | Installation Instructions (224k PDF) | Readme File
       1. Download FeV20PQs.exe to a temporary directory
       2. Download the installation instructions to a temporary directory
       3. Read the installation instructions (Adobe Acrobat file)
       4. Run FeV20PQs.exe
       5. Complete the setup process
       6. Start FerroView using Start > Programs > Simulation Tools > FerroView

  • To obtain the installation password, email your request to pqsoft@electrotek.com.

Reporting a Software Bug

Please report any bugs that you find to pqsoft@electrotek.com via e-mail. Please note that Electrotek utilizes a software bug tracking program that requires the following information for an entry:

  • Product
  • Module (if applicable)
  • Version
  • Submitter
  • Date & Time
  • Synopsis
  • Detailed Description
  • Comments

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