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Transients Simulation Software by the Manitoba HVDC Research Centre

PSCAD is a general-purpose time domain simulation tool for studying transient behavior of electrical networks. First developed in 1976, the EMTDC simulation program has been constantly evolving in its scope and capabilities. Users can now harness the power of EMTDC through the user-friendly PSCAD interface on personal computers. This seamlessly integrated visual environment supports all aspects of conducting a simulation including circuit assembly, run-time control, analysis, and reporting. Simply put, PSCAD is the professional's tool for electromagnetic transients simulation.

Sales Information

Electrotek is no longer a PSCAD representative. For sales information, please contact the Manitoba HVDC Research Centre directly at:

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Web: http://www.pscad.com/ | E-Mail: sales@pscad.com

Support Information

Electrotek provides the PSCAD Case Study Workbook through the PQSoft service. For more information, please visit http://www.pqsoft.com/books.htm.

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